Judith Frutig is A Scriptural Mentor and Teacher


Judith Frutig knows what it is to be miraculously delivered from the Stings of life. She and her husband John experienced the death of their 1week old daughter Jennifer. Five years later Judith suffered the death of her husband John after an 8 year battle with cancer at 33 years of age. One year and 10 days after John’s death Judith’s beloved dad passed suddenly, and yet within the next year her very treasured nephew of 17 years passed, after a life long battle with Cystic Fibrosis.




Turning from the Lord in anger, Judith spiraled into a desperate state of hopelessness, choosing alcohol for comfort.


She lived for 12 years in the darkness of that hopelessness and the endless oppression of the nothingness that alcohol brings.


At her own request, Judith entered rehab for detoxification, knowing the alcohol no longer could get her high. After rehab, she struggled for 13 months on her own trying to live life without alcohol – or the comfort of the Lord.


Until one night in her home alone, still struggling in the emptiness of nothingness, not caring if she lived anymore, she turned on the TV and came across TBN – a Christian station. Disgusted with the thought of believing God for anything, she reached to turn off the TV when the preacher pointed at her and said “you alcoholic don’t turn off the TV, there is hope for your dilemma”. She immediately fell to the floor weeping.


When Judith got up from the floor she was not weeping, she no longer craved alcohol and was no longer oppressed. She was delivered from the bondage of alcohol, and has never been the same person since.



Judith personally experienced the redemptive yoke breaking power of Jesus Christ. Now, after 25 years of living sober, she believes more than ever that He alone can transform a life that has been stung, stuck and stranded by the stings of life.


Judith has walked with the Holy Ghost through His correction, direction, protection and perfection of perception. She teaches that the Holy Ghost is our most purposeful possession and that we should host no ghost but the Holy Ghost.


Judith, now an Ordained Minister of Discipleship, has served for twenty five years in many capacities of service unto the Lord at Cathedral of Life Ministries, and has been on staff the past 13 years. Whether through her mentoring classes and speaking engagements, or reaching the world with the message of truth via the BeSobr website, the insights Judith conveys through the power of the Holy Spirit with her relevant and riveting personal testimonies, are an inspiration to all who know her and have been taught by her.


Judith’s deepest prayer is for all people to be Saved and Sober.

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